Prepare an assortment of nutritious and appetizing appetizers

Prepare an assortment of nutritious and appetizing appetizers

What is an assorted appetizer?

An assortment of appetizers usually contains several different appetizers put together on one plate. Putting together an elegant, attractive and delicious assortment of appetizers is not difficult, especially if you know healthy alternatives to the most commonly used foods and ingredients.


Follow these simple instructions to create the perfect assortment of snacks!


 Choosing a healthy cheese

Choosing the right cheese for an assortment of snacks can be tricky, especially considering the huge variety of cheeses in most supermarkets. Some cheeses can be calorie-dense and fatty. Try any of these popular healthy cheese varieties:


Gruyere is a low-sodium cheese.

Skimmed (partially skimmed) mozzarella tends to be low in fat, which makes this cheese less dense. We suggest adding a fresh ball of mozzarella to an assortment of snacks – true cheese lovers and connoisseurs will appreciate it.

Goat cheese contains less fat than many popular cheese varieties. In addition, goat cheese has a creamy texture and can be used in place of hard cheeses that cannot be spread. In addition, goat cheese is very flavorful and often contains different herbs and spices.

Swiss cheese is high in calcium/ It has a major protein of at least 8 grams per ounce of cheese (depending on the type and maturity of the cheese).

If you’re interested in vegan or dairy-free options for healthy snacks, you can make these assortment snacks using these easy recipes using vegan cheese!


 Add textures in the form of crackers

When making assorted snacks, it’s important to choose crackers with the right texture and flavor.


When selecting crackers for your snack plate, be sure to look at what ingredients are in them. Avoid highly processed crackers or crackers with gluten, as many people are allergic to or sensitive to gluten. If a snack dish contains cheese, olives, honey and meat snacks, consider adding crackers that have the following properties to the mix:


Thin: Give preference to thinner crackers: these crackers are pleasantly crunchy and low in calories at the same time.

Gluten-free: Gluten-free crackers are ideal for guests with allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

Baked: Baked crackers come in a variety of flavors and are also low in calories. Always read and compare nutritional information on the label before choosing ingredients for the dish you create.

Sesame seed crackers: Thin sesame seed crackers add a unique accent to any dish. They pair well with meats, cheese and even vegetable sauce.

Complement the flavor and taste with olives.

Kalamata, black olives and traditional green olives complement an assortment of crackers, cheese, nuts, vegetables and fruits well. Olives pair best with soft cheeses (including goat cheese), leaving a nice salty aftertaste.


 Balance flavor with fruits and vegetables

No truly healthy snack is without the addition of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are extremely versatile, have a low glycemic index and a wide range of flavors that pair interestingly with a variety of foods and ingredients. When putting together an assortment of snacks that include nuts, seeds, olives, crackers and cheese, consider adding the following ingredients:


Strawberries pair well with cream cheeses and light fruit wines.

Blackberries/blackberries/raspberries are smaller, darker berries, are high in antioxidants and don’t add much calories to diet dishes.

Kiwis add special charm to dishes and are a great complement to the flavors of cream cheese, sweet honey, and crackers.

Grapes are the perfect complement to a cheese plate with crackers or dishes served with wine.

Apples may not seem like a very traditional component of an assortment of appetizers, but they will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, especially if the apple slices can be dipped in natural honey.

Celery is suitable for those who are health-conscious and prefer to snack on cheese with a crunchy product without the calories.

Carrots are another great vegetable for those who love the combination of crunchy carrots with flavorful cheese and olives.

Bell peppers are a great appetizer with a distinctive character, giving a unique flavor and aroma to different types of cheese.

Increase the nutritional value of your diet with nuts and seeds

Don’t forget to add nuts and seeds to your snack mix. Nuts and seeds contain many vitamins and nutrients and are suitable for any dietary system because they contain no unhealthy fats. Nuts are not only delicious, but they are full of healthy fats that provide satisfaction and a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Nuts and seeds often pair well with both fruit and cheese, depending on the specific flavor. Let’s list some of the most common types of nuts and seeds that can be added to an assortment of snacks::


Almonds: Almonds are high in healthy fats and fiber and pair well with cheese, wine and olives.

Macadamia nuts: Macadamia nuts are a good source of healthy fats with a balanced flavor that complements almost any usual snack assortment.

Pumpkin seeds (peeled seeds from the pulp of the common pumpkin)


Pecan nuts


Sunflower seeds

Add the perfect dressing: Honey

Adding natural honey strikes the perfect balance of flavors, enriches the nutritional value of snacks with antioxidants and gives assorted other health benefits. Look for honey or natural preservatives that pair well with the meats, olives, crackers and cheeses added to the assortment. Manuka honey is known for its many health benefits, read more about the health benefits of manuka honey here.


Increase the protein content: add meat or jerky (cured meat) to your assortment

A good host simply must add extra sources of protein to the perfect assortment of snacks. Protein from meat and jerky will keep diners fuller for longer without overeating or becoming unsatisfied. To choose the right meat, you should first consider what kinds of cheese are used in the assortment.


Look for jerky that contains no preservatives and was made with only whole ingredients, herbs and spices. Some of the best types of meat products and jerky in assorted snacks include:


Jerky sausage (salami)


Deer meat jerky

Beef jerky

Cold smoked sausage